New Future


Free tuition has always been a dream for students looking to attend American colleges or universities. The idea of free higher education has become a hot topic during this last presidential election due to Bernie Sanders’s advocacy for it. Since her nomination, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has adopted a plan which promises to make education more affordable.

“Let’s … make debt-free college available to everyone. … And let’s liberate the millions of Americans who already have student debt,” stated Secretary Clinton on June 22.

With the country’s current economic state, high tuition and students graduating with immense debt have become significant problems. Clinton’s plan proposes several steps to help make higher education attainable and not something that will tie students down for decades. The candidate’s website outlines everything that will be accomplished under this college plan.

Under the plan, community college will be tuition-free, parents will receive special support, $25 billion will be used to fund institutions geared towards minorities, and states and schools will be expected to do their part in assuring that students are able to pursue higher education.

hillary_clinton_feb_3_2008Clinton’s plan does not promise free university and college education to everyone immediately after it is put in place. It instead offers gradual and practical progress, starting with assistance to lower-income families. As soon as the plan is instated, families with annual incomes of $85,000 or less will be able to send their students to in-state colleges or universities without having to pay tuition. By 2021, this privilege will be able to be extended to families who earn even up to $125,000.

Clinton’s plan could change the future, if the politician follows through. It provides a solution to many students who believe that they cannot continue their studies due to financial limitations.

In a city like Baldwin Park, where minorities are the majority and where most people are part of the working class, the thought of free tuition creates many opportunities for hopeful students.

BPHS Senior Samantha Sanchez showed great enthusiasm at the idea saying, “Free tuition is so cool. It makes me feel more motivated to go to college because I wouldn’t have to worry so much about paying it off.”

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