Fall Dramatastic!


BALDWIN PARK, CA–On September 29, Baldwin Park High School’s drama class held its first showcase, a compilation of performances that ranged from monologues to musical numbers.

The showcase was held at 6:00 P.M and there was a good amount of people waiting for the show to start. The decorations were nice with Christmas lights and autumn decorations all over the classroom that gave the room a cozy feel. The first act was an improv game where students played What You Got, which consisted of memorization and witty remarks that added competition and entertainment for the audience.

img_6985Greg Arias, a choir and play production student, performed Giant in the Sky, which was similar to the tale Jack and the Beanstalk but with a bit more dramatic tone. After his performance was done, you could hear people in the audience saying “that was very good” and “it was very funny”. The acts had 10-second intervals so you got to see the following act more quickly.

Anthony Lopez and Cyrus Rodriguez had a great comedic flow in their act, “The Date”, where one friend tried showing the other how to act cool on a date and get a girlfriend. Another comedic scene was Helene’s, “Should my Teacher Share my C “, a monologue that revolved around a student who was complaining about how her teacher gave her a C on her art project and she came up with lots of funny excuses about why she didn’t deserve the C and that her teacher should get the C for not teaching her properly.img_7111

The room silenced its laughter and really began to focus and feel sorry for the characters after the serious monologues started. One of which was about a mother, played by Angela Silva, who was in denial about her son’s death and kept telling the morgue that her son was around and not dead. It followed with many others about a girl who was telling her parents how she never feels she’ll be as good as her sisters and another about someone who is trying to confess their love for their best friend but doesn’t want to end their friendship and much more.

The showcase ended the same way it started, with improv. This time the improv troupe played the game Slide Show, which consisted of Sergio Aquino showing us his vacation to New York through other actors freezing in place as if they were a picture and explaining it in a humorous way. Josue Rosas, an actor in the showcase, commented, “I think it was really good a lot of people came there was a lot of laughter and applause. Overall, the Fall Showcase was a great warm-up for the actors who are  preparing for the fall play The Locker Next to Mine.

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