Cute Coffee and Tea?


waffleLove to Go is a small cafe located in San Gabriel. It is mostly known for the cute designs they put on their coffees and teas. But does the cuteness match with the taste?

Although there are many big chain coffee shops that serve good coffee, nothing is better than freshly made coffee and tea.

Love to Go has a homey feeling once you step pass the door. It is tiny with only about four tables, which were all taken by customers doing homework or just chatting. (They have an additional building next door in case there are more customers.)

Customers are welcomed right as they walk in and are given menus. The employee at the counter informed us that the yogurt soda and the Earl Grey and Matcha tea 50/50 flavored latte were customers’ favorites. Both drinks were ordered along with a banana chocolate waffle with ice cream and a mango ice tea.fullsizerender

The overall price came to be about $24, most of it coming from the waffle being about ten dollars. The drinks ranged from a price of $3.00 to $6.50 depending on the size and the type of drink. The drinks that come with personalized designs ranged from $6-$12 all being 12 oz and the price depending on the difficulty of the design.

The place had a nice atmosphere to it. There were music videos of the latest hits playing while people chatted, so no one had to whisper.

There was no real decor besides what was behind the counter and a simple lamp at the corner and a keyboard piano, available to any customer.waffles

The drinks and the waffle came after about a ten minute wait, which was not much. The yogurt soda which was pineapple flavored and sounded the most unique was tasted first. It was quite good, but the fizziness of it a little bit weird, considering that it was a smooth texture with a fizz to it.

The Earl Grey and Matcha tea latte came with a cute, colorful design that said “love” on it. The drink was thoroughly mixed just to make sure the flavors were fully distributed. It was very delicious. It was warm and the flavors were a great combination.

The waffle pyramid looked aesthetically pleasing. The presentation of it matched the flavor. The waffle was very warm and was drizzled with chocolate and cocoa pebbles. Bananas were at the base of the waffle pyramid with the ice cream at the center.

Overall the flavors were pleasing and their presentation looked wonderful. Although the price was not necessarily the cheapest, it was definitely worth it. Love to Go is a place I would definitely return to and recommend to others. 4 out of 5 stars


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