Ju Ju On That Trend

Ju Ju On That Trend

Along with other dance crazes, like the running man challenge and the Nae Nae, the dance Ju Ju on that beat was one of the most recent ones that had immense popularity.

The dance was created by Hannah Talliere and was influenced by the song Tz Anthem. Zay Hilfigerrr, a 15-year-old rapper from Detroit  is the artist of the song and even participated in the dance himself. The dance went viral on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #jujuonthatbeat.

The song has 38 million hits on Spotify and is the only song released by Hifigerrr. On the 2nd of November, Hilfigerrr, along with Zayion McCall, released the official music video for the song. The video started off with a group of kids moving into a new neighborhood and their elderly neighbors telling them to keep it down, but they dance their hearts out to the song and even the police officer joins in the dance. The video also included a special appearance from Talliere, the person who originally exposed the dance.

These teenage dance crazes usually last for around 2 weeks to a month. The newest trend that has emerged on social media is the Mannequin Challange which consists of people standing still while the camera moves around. Hilfigerrr is now working with the dance crew Fresh The Clowns and Hannah has more than 380 thousand followers and is posting dance videos for her fans.

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