Empire Hits the Dramatic 3


Four months of drama less waiting and Empire season three has finally aired.  Fans were not disappointed on September 21.  According to Variety, the first episode “Light in the Darkness” had 12.45 million viewers. TV.com rates the show with a high 7.3/10 stars. After watching one episode I’d rate the show a 6/10.

The show is about a man named Lucious Lyon, known for being a hip-pity hop artist and in charge of a company called Empire Entertainment. He was very well known and popular for his title. Suddenly, his successful life is paused with bad news. His doctor predicted that he will die in 3 years or less due to a rare illness. Before breaking the news to his family, he has a huge decision to make. He must pick one out of his three sons to continue on in the business and take over.

His favorite son Hakeem, is a very good musician but is all about the fame other than the work. The middle son Jamal, is very talented, shy but gay…which Lyon finds embarrassing. The oldest one Andre, is all about business and very smart but has no clue on how to sponsor. Along with his complicated, bratty ex-wife trying to take advantage of him for his money.


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