Tennis Served by the Saints


BALDWIN PARK, CA– On Tuesday, October 4, the BPHS Girls’ Varsity Tennis team was bageled 18-0 by the San Dimas Saints.

“I have found that through communication and plenty of practice with help from my coach and playing other schools, we’ve become better tennis players,” Leslie Martinez remarked. “This is an experience to remember.”

The warm and sunny weather served well for a perfect day to play tennis. Both teams warmed up and started right away. There was no tension in the air at all; the opponents were very friendly.

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Fernanda Garcia played Singles 1, and Katelynn Godinez played Singles 2. Xitlali Garcia, Fernanda’s little sister and JV player, replaced Jessyca Gonzalez for the day, who usually plays Singles 3.

Leslie Martinez and Fatima Ibanez played Doubles 1. There was a slight change in partners for Doubles 2. Damaris De La Vega played with Jessyca Gonzalez, instead of her usually partner, Guadalupe Toscano. For Doubles 3, Kathy Arroyo and Kandyce Lance played together.

Most of the first sets ended quickly. Only Singles 1, Singles 2, and Doubles 2 were left to finish on court. Godinez, Martinez, and Ibanez were all bageled, but the Garcia sisters, Gonzalez, De La Vega, Lance, and Arroyo earned a score of 6-1. Still, these scores did not let them down.

Toscano subbed in for Xitlali Garcia in the second set. The whole set was slow, due to the Lady Braves’ pushing themselves even harder. Every set, players switched off into a cycle. Singles 1 would switch to Singles 3, and lastly to Singles 2. Fernanda Garcia was bageled due to a challenging opponent. Godinez, Toscano, Lance, and Arroyo lost 6-1. De La Vega and Gonzalez lost 6-2, and Martinez and Ibanez lost 6-3, the longest game on court. In the end, the Lady Braves lost the second set.

BPHS senior, Jessyca Gonzalez described her spotlight of playing doubles for the first time. “Doubles was a little different because I was not relying on myself but this time, I experienced teamwork with a wonderful partner,” she said.

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In the third and final set, Doubles 1 and 2 stayed longer, fighting to not get bageled. Unfortunately, Godinez, Arroyo, and Lance were not successful. Garcia lost 6-1, Toscano, De La Vega, and Gonzalez lost 6-2, and Ibanez and Martinez lost 6-3.

This loss was not taken negatively by them at all. It was a lesson for the Lady Braves to improve on their upcoming games.

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