Any Slower Season3


After five long months, season 3 of The Flash has finally approached us. On Tuesday, October 4, the new season premiered at 8:00pm on the CW.

An eleven-year-old boy named Barry Allen had his world turned upside down when his father was accused of the murder of his wife. According to Barry, she was killed by a bright, unexplainable streak. Years later, Barry is a crime-scene investigator and is using his job to figure out the truth about his mother’s death. Out of the blue, an event was held for a release of a new world-changing invention, an accelerator heralded. This invention caused a giant explosion that created a wild storm that led to Barry being struck by lightning. Nine months after the explosion, Barry woke up from a comma with a power, super:speed. The lightning from the accelerator caused him and others to gain powers. He learns that many are using their powers for evil. From that moment, he commits to protecting his city with a secret identity, known as the Flash. He uses the help of his new powers to dig deeper in the case of his mother’s death.

After watching the new episode, I was reminded of what an epic show it is, but also a heart touching, emotional roller coaster. Although the show is known for the racing and crime fighting, it also has a huge emotional plot twist.

Alice Diaz says she was randomly going through channels one day and came across The Flash and fell in love with the show. She says, “The Flash is just amazing, hands down my favorite superhero. This new season is great, so many different plots and twist!”

I’d rate the show a 10/10 and highly recommend that you add The Flash to your watch list.


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