iDon’t Need An Update


All Apple owners of the iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPod touch and later generations can now update to iOS10. It was preinstalled on all iPhone 7’s and Apple users were automatically notified when it was available. The update required one GB to install, but added many new features.

iOS10 includes a variety of animations for the iMessages. Users are able to search for the image to insert in the text by typing in the desired word. The new update came with several enhanced functions, including improved photography settings, a new notification screen, and a better voice-activated Siri.dfgh

There are pros when updating. In comparison to the iOS 9.3, Siri has now been improved to search for more specific commands. Siri searches for better pictures, efficiently manages voicemails, and writes out the text messages. Some apps like WeChat, Uber, and Skype support and work well with Siri. One other advantage people love is that iOS 10 allows anyone to delete Apple’s built-in apps, such as Compass and Stocks, which take up space. After all, a lot of users don’t use most of the default apps.

iOS 10 came with smarter Maps, which allows users to arrive at his or her destination much quicker with the Maps app. The last upgrade is the Photo Memories. It’s a feature where all the photos taken from one place or event create a slideshow with background music. All of this is nice, but it’s more unnecessary than anything else.

But some users have also said that the iOS 10 update crashed their devices and they’d rather keep the past update, iOS 9.3. They reported the problems after installing the software and users had to reset the devices to recover.

BPHS senior Julia Gonzalez doesn’t like the software and prefers the previous iOS 9.3 update too. “It’s making my phone glitch and it’s so weird and everything’s mixed up,” she explained.qwefn

Apple fixed the problem right after the complaints. “We experienced a brief issue with the software update process, affecting a small number of users during the first hour of availability,” Apple stated. “The problem was quickly resolved and we apologize to those customers. Anyone who was affected should connect to iTunes to complete the update or contact AppleCare for help.”

Another advantage the latest update has is its security system, but it also makes it impossible to jailbreak. It prevents anyone from downloading anything not from the Apple Store or even illegally. Some people aren’t happy with this. After updating, the battery life is poor and the device has to be kept on Low Power Mode. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are both slow and randomly disconnect at times. The touch screen is laggy and cellular data won’t turn on for a few apps. These are all the  things to consider when updating. An update doesn’t mean the best for the device because small changes aren’t worth it when risking other things like storage and glitches.

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