Hands Free But Hands On: Snapchat Spectacles


There has always been that annoying and troubling problem of not capturing the right moment. Whether it be on a video camera or a phone, hands and fingers are required to press a certain button. But no worries, after two years of rumors, Snapchat Spectacles are here!

As a very popular social media app, Snapchat has over 150 million users, including its active celebrities. Taking photos on Snapchat is no problem because it’s just like any other camera. However, users can relate to the small yet constant struggle of taking videos on the app. Having to press down on the circular button the entire time they record can be a hassle. That’s why Snapchat came out with Snapchat Spectacles— a pair of thick rimmed and fashionable sunglasses that act like a GoPro, but on the face.ghjk

“I think they are pretty different,” Jan Dawson, the chief analyst at Jackdaw Research, shared. “Spectacles are supposed to be a consumer product that’s fashion first.”

Snapchat had also recently relaunched itself as Snap Inc. The company announced the news on its website earlier this week. These wireless camera glasses could also pair up to a smartphone so it’s easier to create memories. These spectacles record circular videos, with a 115 degrees lens, so it be can seen in either portrait or landscape.

To start recording, there is a button on the left side of the frame to capture 10 seconds or even a maximum of 30 seconds. Storage comes in the unit itself, so no need to worry about that. Snapchat Spectacles will come with a wireless charging case and in three different colors (blue, red, and black).There is still no word about the resolution, comfort, how people can attain these, the material they’re made out of, or the audio quality.

“I think Snapchat is pushing the edges of what the camera is,” Josh Elman, a businessman from the venture capital firm Greylock Partner explained. “I think their brand is so strong with people in their early 20’s that they might sell a lot more of these than anybody is predicting. They’re positioning it as this fun toy for people to engage with, not something that you need to think about as your next big technology investment.”wowo

No one knows for sure if these devices will be successful, but Snap Inc. has made it accessible for anyone to buy. They can be used at a concert, party, or park, hands free so that everyone can live in the moment. With a price point of $130, people are already excited to get their hands on these glasses this fall. It’s a perfect present just in time for the holidays. Snap Inc. is  expanding its ideas on how to further capture its growing audience. An era of new technology is arriving everyday, it’s just up to the users with this latest product.

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