Vin Scully Signing Off



SAN FRANCISCO, CA- Vincent Edward Scully, otherwise know as Vin Scully, has been a play-by-play announcer for the Los Angeles Dodgers for 67 years.October 2, marked the end of an era for one of the greatest announcers.

”There will be a new day, and eventually a new year, and when the upcoming winter gives way to spring, ah, rest assured, once again, it will be time for Dodgers baseball!” said  Scully after his final farewell to all those who were listening or watching the final regular season game for the Dodgers.

The San Francisco Giants  defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 7-1. The game seemed to be an afterthought, as many people were there to celebrate the amazing career of Vin Scully. The Giants showed their appreciation for the Hall of Fame announcer by presenting him with a special plaque.

The Los Angeles Dodgers were unsuccessful in winning their final game of the season; however, they did not disappoint Vin Scully as they won their fourth straight NL West championship.

September 25 was the last home game for Scully. His last time at Dodger Stadium was one for the books. As the Dodgers took to extra innings to defeat the Colorado Rockies in Hollywood fashion, Scully called the game perfectly as the Dodgers hit a walk off home run to clinch the NL West championship.

The emotional Vin Scully said after the game, as he looked out towards the crowd, “Believe me when I tell you, I’ve needed you far more than you’ve needed me.”

Vin Scully has been a part of the Los Angeles Dodgers since their days in Brooklyn. The past 67 years many will say that it has been a blessing to hear Vin Scully behind the mic.

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