iPhone 7? More Like 7 Hour Wait


About the same time every year, people around the world lose themselves over the annual iPhone release. This year Apple debuted the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on September 17. Despite the recent criticism of the phones, hundreds of people spent their night before and morning camping out in front of an Apple store.iphone_5s_fifth_avenue_launch_line

One of the most popular areas where people were seen camping out was in Tampa Bay. Some people were seen sleeping on blow up mattresses, waiting for a chance to get their hands on the phones.

In Chico, California, several customers were already seen outside an AT&T selling the phones, as early as 3 AM. A woman named Toni was the first in line, claiming she arrived at the store, at 6:30 PM the previous day. When asked why she was willing to camp out for her phone, she said her other phone stopped working this week and she wanted to get a new phone before an upcoming business trip.

Despite it being a release day, it was very unlikely that everyone in line would be able to buy one in the store, due to the high demand. Apple later reported that all models of the iPhone 7 Plus and the jet black iPhone 7 were sold out and put on backorder until November.

Apple said there would be limited quantities of the iPhone 7 in silver, gold, rose gold, and black at retail stores. However, customers could still order all models of the new iPhone via its website. Another alternative for fans wanting to get a hold of a new iPhone, but who weren’t able to the official store, was to go to Apple’s partner retailers, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, or Verizon.

Although there were people camping out in line, this year’s crowds were modestly smaller than previous years. This was primarily due to the most drastic change made to the new iPhone model, the removal of the headphone jack.

Apple lover Vaughn Simon wanted to get his hands on an iPhone 7 Plus, but said he would settle for the iPhone 7. He made it a tradition to camp out in front of the Apple Store for the past nine years any time a new model came out. This year, he pitched a tent and even had a cot to sleep on. “It’s just a revolutionary communications device,” Simon said

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