Lady Braves Rein in the Colts


BALDWIN PARK, CA — On Tuesday, September 27, the Braves’ Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team took down the Covina Colts on home territory by winning 3 out of the 5 total sets.

“We scrimmaged Covina during the summer and we lost,” explained senior varsity member Jennifer Aguilar. “My mentality with today’s game is like any other, to remain calm and not get nervous.”

The first points of the first set were earned by the Lady Colts, who showed great communication early on in the match. The Colts continued their lead until the Braves tied the score at 9-9 and turned the tide of the set. Stephanie Arteaga executed a couple of aces to put more points on the scoreboard. The set ended with a Braves victory with a score of 25-19.

img_6679The Braves were a lot calmer and more collected as a team during the second set. However, the Colts were able to take a lead early on with a score of 8-4. Arteaga pulled in points for the Braves once again with a few more service aces, but the Braves continued to trail behind the Colts until the two tied, 20-20. The Braves were the first to reach match point and ultimately took the second set with a close final score of 25-23.

The Braves needed only one more set to win the game against the Colts, but the third set did not go well for the Braves. The set began with the Braves trailing 4-2 and the gap only widened as the Colts pushed onwards. A notable play was made in the third set by Aguilar, who made an impressive dig to save the ball and set the team up for a solid kill. However, the Braves failed to prevail when the Colts took the third set victory with a score of 25-14.

The fourth did not begin well for the Braves when the Colts immediately took a lead of 7-0, until the Braves took a timeout. The Braves were beginning to wear out during the set, but it did not stop Aguilar from putting the Braves on the scoreboard with a few kills. At one point the score was 15-4 with the Colts in the lead and spectators were urging the Lady Braves to communicate more out on the court. The Braves continued to trail until the Colts reached match point first and won their second set with a score of 25-13. The final set decided the game.

In the fifth and final set, the Braves dug deep and found motivation and determination to beat back the Colts. The first points of the set went to the Braves, taking an early lead, 6-1. The atmosphere throughout the gym was very intense as both the Braves and the Colts fought to further their leads in turn, point by point. The Braves successfully pulled themselves forward and reached the match point first at a score of 14-8. After the Colts scored another point, the set ended with a Braves victory, 15-9. The game ended with a Braves victory in a 3-2 match.

“In my opinion, we should have won Covina in three [sets],” stated Aguilar after the Braves’ win. “But then again there’s no should of, could of, or would of. Finishing the fifth set strong was the reason we won.”

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