Braves Stampede the Cavs


BALDWIN PARK, CA-On September 19 our Baldwin Park High School Lady Braves had a sweeping win against the Montclair Cavaliers, beating them with the scores 25-14, 25-16 and 25-16.

Jennifer Aguilar, one of the varsity players, explained the mentality they had coming in the game. “Montclair was 0-5 before we played them, so we went into the game with the mentality that we were going to win.”

The confidence they had was major part in the win. They started off strong with a score of 10-3 the first few minutes of the game. However, there was an uproar when the referee made an questionable call. The referee called a ball out, but the Cavaliers argued back saying it was in. In the end the referee made the call, with the confirmation of the line judges, and declared that the ball was BP’s.pic

Montclair did get a point gain when three of the BP girls ran for ball at the same time. Jenny Aguilar, however, made an impressive shot that led to the score of 24-14 and the girls won the first set with an impressive score of 25-14.

pic2The second set also had a very great start with a score of 6-4 the first few minutes. Alexis Muñoz made a successful spike, which put BP further in the lead.

Kirsten Serna made a close hit and gained a point making the score 24-16. The girls were not going to go easy on the Cavs. The winning score was 25-16

In the third set, the Cavs were determined to make the match go up to five sets. The Montclair girls hit great serves and earned points, but it was not enough.

When BP finally got their chance to serve, Angela Camacho hit powerful serves that brought their opponents to their knees and made the scores 20-14. Serna made the winning point and Baldwin Park won 3 sets out of 3.

Although, they admitted to believing they were going to win prior to the game, the BP girls did not go easy on the Cavs.pic3

Jennifer Aguilar further commented that, “Even though their passes were inconsistent, my teammates and I had to continue to ace them as much as we could … Playing against Montclair wasn’t an intense or hard game, but we still had to work hard offensively and defensively to get that win.”

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