Braves Water Polo Soaked by the Saints


BALDWIN PARK, CA– On Tuesday, September 13, the Baldwin Park Braves Varsity Water Polo team played against the Crean Lutheran Saints, and lost 18-6 on home territory.

Brian Hung, BPHS sophomore, concluded that his team had a weakness during the game– a lack of connection. When asked how they could improve, Brian replied, “By practicing more and repeating and building a greater communication between the team!” His dream is for his team to win the CIF championship.

The Saints’ Water Polo team was co-ed, including three girls, yet still had less players than the Braves. The Braves’ opponent had an overconfident stance, but the Braves did not let that put them down. They were still confident and ready to play their best.

The Crean Lutheran Saints’ Water Polo team was from a higher league so the Braves were nervous from the beginning. Their coach, Thomas Kersher, gave many words of advice and hope so the Braves wouldn’t lose focus or give up.

The first two quarters of the game took off very slowly for the Braves, possibly because of the cold, cloudy, and windy weather that day. The Braves played more defense than offense throughout the whole game. Unfortunately, a Saints player kept attacking the Braves’ goalie, Casey Booker. Because the Braves couldn’t block their opponents, the Saints ended up in the lead, 5-2.

The second quarter was very similar to the first. The Braves failed to push past the Saint’s defense almost every time. Even though the other team had a strong offense, Jacob Robles was able to score twice with the help of his teammates.capture

At the third quarter the Braves started to play much more aggressively. They became better at swimming offensively and pushed the ball to the Saints’ side more. Players Rudy Munoz and Isaiah Rangel managed to get the ball out of the Saints’ hands a few times, but the Braves were still behind 15-5.

The Braves began the fourth quarter with some encouraging words from their coach and seemed determined to not give the Saints an easy fight. The ball changed hands multiple times during this quarter, making it difficult for either side to score.

The Saints’ offense was noticeably weaker than at the beginning of the game. Their low passes and desperate throws at the cage resulted in them losing the ball multiple times. The Braves kept playing aggressively, making the Saints frantic to end the game with a wide lead.

In the last minutes of the game, the Braves regained the ball. Oscar Barragan gave his team their first point in the fourth quarter, right before the 30 second warning was called. The final scored settled at 18-6 as the buzzer sounded.

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