Crosstown Rivalry Spirit Week Battle


BALDWIN PARK, CA– THE BELL STAYS BLUE! From the week of September 12 to 16, the tradition with our crosstown rivalry, Sierra Vista, continued. Not only was our Braves Football successful, but so was our spirit!

For BPHS, Monday, September 12, was Superheroes Day. From graphic tees to colorful capes, students wore their favorite superhero gear from DC and Marvel. Tuesday, September 13, was 70’s themed. From headbands, tie-dye shirts, to full on hippie-gear, everyone got creative. Wednesday, September 14, was Pajama Day. The windy yet warm weather served well for the Spirit Day with much more participation. Thursday, September 15, was Hawaiian themed. BPHS students came to school with various floral tops and leis. Lastly, Friday, September 16, was Blue Out Brave Gear Day. Students were decked out in blue.sdgcb

Sierra Vista High School also had its Spirit Week leading up to the big game. Monday was Workout Wear, Tuesday was Dons Pride, Wednesday was Safari Day, Thursday was Mathletes vs. Athletes, and Friday was Class Colors.

A majority of BPHS seniors took part in Spirit Week in order to gain class points, which may give them privileges in end-of-the-year activities. ASB also held a Night Rally on Thursday to hype and energize students for the rivalry game the next day. SVHS held its rally the next morning.

This year, navy-colored dad caps labeled “BPHS” were sold for only $16. The Crosstown Rivalry t-shirts were sold for $15. As a spirit pack, both the hat and the shirt were sold for $28. ASB had to make sure to include light sticks and pom poms for all the Braves in the Student Section.

BPHS senior and ASB Vice President, Keoni Hilo, explained that Hawaiian Day was her favorite Spirit Day, hands down.efg

“It’s my favorite because it’s an easy day to get into and fun to get to see other students around you get involved,” she said.

Always put an effort to participate in Spirit Week as much as possible. High school is only better if everyone participates with full-on spirit! Baldwin Park High School is definitely becoming more outgoing, vibrant, and passionate this year than the year before. Memorable years are only possible if everyone is involved.

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