Unsung Hero


The past seven years Mrs. Despars has been at Baldwin Park High School helping and teaching our students to do amazing things.

Mrs. Despars stated, “I love my job!”

Fellow Braves can relate to her because she is an alumni. Mrs. Despars played sports all four years in high school. She played volleyball, field hockey, and softball. That’s not all, Mrs. Despars also loved participating in student activities. Furthermore, Mrs. Despars was even a teacher’s aide for ASB.

“I was very involved in school”, Mrs. Despars explained.

After sixteen years at the district office, Mrs. Despars accepted the job to be the ASB assistant. Mrs. Despars handles all student sales and assists in the classroom. Additionally, Mrs. Despars helps our students plan our dances and teaches them the process.

Mrs. Despars stated, “I love teaching students on various  events.” And she loves the process.

Mrs. Despars describes being back at Baldwin Park as, “it felt like it came full circle.” In addition, to working with students Mrs. Despars said, “Working with students is very rewarding and achallenging experience.”

Baldwin Park High School’s senior class president, Ruby Murillo said,”Mrs. Despars is one of the most notable figures when it comes to student life.”

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