You Wish You Were A Brave


BALDWIN PARK, CA — On Friday, September 16, the Baldwin Park Braves beat the Sierra Vista Dons on Don territory in the Battle for the Bell with a score of 41-35.

“It was a sense of relief, there was a lot of pressure on the team to come in and get the win, especially because it was against SV,” explained Luis Flores.

The Braves started off strong, as they drove the ball down the field. The Braves finished their first drive with a rushing touchdown by Flores. However, the Dons answered with a long touchdown, ending the quarter with a score of 7-7.img_0080

The low scoring game continued in the second quarter, but the Dons did not take long to become more aggressive on the field. After they recovered a fumble made by the Braves, the Dons scored when they drove the ball down the field to take the lead, 13-7. The Braves went into halftime trailing, not able to score.

The third quarter started off with a tense mood as the Braves sought to catch up and as the Dons sought to further their lead. Four minutes into the quarter, the Braves recovered a fumble made by the Dons. Shortly after, David Covarrubias made a touchdown to put the Braves one point in the lead, 14-13. Both teams struggled to put more points on the board for the rest of the quarter, with no change to the score.

img_0330In the first six seconds of the final quarter, Flores scored his second touchdown of the night to place the Braves further in the lead, 21-13. However, Sierra Vista was able to make a touchdown minutes later and brought the score to a tie of 21-21 after completing a two-point conversion. The Dons took the lead when they made a consecutive touchdown with 2:34 minutes left on the clock, bringing the score to 28-21. In a game-saving play, Andrew Ramirez forced the Dons to fumble as the Braves recovered. With two minutes left on the clock, Flores made another touchdown, bringing the score to a tie of 28-28.

The crosstown showdown went into overtime. Possession went to the Braves first and Flores successfully made a touchdown, bringing the score to 35-28. However, the Dons were also able to score a touchdown, put seven more points up on the scoreboard, and take the game into double overtime. The Dons attempted a field goal and were blocked by the Braves’ Nick Valenzuela. Flores followed up with his fifth and final touchdown of the night and brought the score to 41-35, sealing the Braves’ victory.

“Honestly tonight’s game was one for the books!” exclaimed spectator Cindy Nguyen. “The excitement and anxiety really had me on edge. Our school spirit was amazing and so was our football team!”

“We went in knowing there was a streak to defend and a school to represent and that’s what made our win great. It wasn’t our best performance but the team got it done and that’s what ultimately counts,” stated Flores.

“We gave it our all and I’m proud of the team for not giving up and never putting their heads down, even when we were losing. It was a great team effort, and it was definitely a tough one, but we prevailed. Thanks to the student section, fans, and cheerleaders for cheering us on! SV who?”

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