Braves Blown Away by the Dynamiters


BALDWIN PARK, CALIFORNIA– On September 15,  the Baldwin Park Braves’ Varsity Water Polo team played Glendale High School’s team, the Dynamiters, on home turf and lost 14 – 4.

“Had we come out stronger in the first quarter, we would have won today’s game. So their technique has improved tremendously. There are a lot of things to work on, but overall they’ve certainly improved,” commented Varsity coach, Thomas Kersher.newnew

Filled with white water, from furious kicking, and frustrated shouting, Thursday’s game was definitely one of the most intense home games the boys have had this season. Despite having both strong defense and offense, the Braves were unable to stand their ground.

The Braves played as hard as they could, and it truly showed when they shot a total of 16 times, but were only able to put away four of them.

When the referees signaled the beginning of the first quarter, the Braves swam full force to meet the opposing players they were assigned to. After playing intensely for most of the first quarter, Rudy Muńoz was able to get past the defense, and make the first goal with 5:10 left on the clock. Working together with the rest of his team, Muńoz made another goal, with only 0:55 left on the shot clock. At the end of the first quarter, Glendale was in the lead, 7-2.new1

Huddling together at their end of the pool, the Braves were able to speak briefly to Kersher, before diving back in. Supporters of the Braves looked like they were on the edge of their seats and were about to fall off, as they watched Muńoz race down the pool, towards the slightly terrified looking goalie of the Dynamiters. Less than 45 seconds after the second quarter began, Muńoz was able to land the ball in the Dynamiters’ cage. By halftime, the score barely changed to 8-3, with Glendale in the lead.

Assessing the plays used in the game, Oscar Barragan realized some of his team’s flaws. “We made too hasty of decisions and didn’t really take our time. Offensive fouls and getting the ball turned over a lot were also big issues for us too.”

Exhausted from the first half of the game, the Brave gathered their remaining energy for the second half. The team used many of their defensive strategies to hold off  Glendale’s offense.  Jacob Robles, Joel Rangel, and Isaiah Rangel worked with one of their strongest players, Muńoz, to get a fourth score, two minutes and 33 seconds into the quarter.

new2Entering the fourth quarter, the score was 11-4. Unfortunately the Braves were unable to gain any more points for that quarter. The Braves settled on a disappointing loss of 14-4.

Senior Jacob Robles, was still proud of his team’s hard work to have a strong defense. “Honestly, our strongest thing today was our defense. It was there. For the most part, the opponents couldn’t really get any good shots or opportunities, and if they did, it was mostly because of the turnovers or because one our teammates didn’t press someone,” commented Robles.

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