Recognizing the Recognizer, Jennifer Ruiz


BALDWIN PARK,CA– Jennifer Ruiz is a senior at Baldwin Park High School and is also the Renaissance president. As president, she is in charge of recognizing people for their hard work as well helping organize school events.

She is also involved in Adelante Mujer Latina, which is a club that encourages young Latina high school students to graduate. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her friends and family.

Members of Renaissance go around and give people birthday grams and sing Happy Birthday to them.Renaissance also organizes the teacher Secret Pal which is a fun activity where teachers send gifts amongst each other without knowing who sent them their gift. Jennifer’s job at Renaissance is to help recognize students through Senior of the Week, Month, etc. Her duties also include making sure everyone is getting their jobs done and things are being done properly.

Jennifer says that Renaissance has been a big part of her life since last year and that everyone in the class is like a big family. When asked how her freshman year was different than her senior year, Jennifer responded: “My freshman year I didn’t have many worries but to pass my classes but now I have my senior project and applying to colleges”.

Ruiz also said that Renaissance is organizing a recognition ceremony, so students can get rewarded for having good grades. Overall, Jennifer Ruiz really cares about other people and hopes to make the students and the members of Renaissances have fun at high school.

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