Braves Surrender to Cowboys


On September 2, the BPHS Braves faced the Chino Cowboys at the BPHS stadium. Despite starting off strong, the Braves were ultimately defeated with the final score at 50-23.

The first half was a low-scoring defensive game. The Braves had a promising start as Christopher Vargas took the opening kickoff for a touchdown. However, the game took a turn when Chino scored shortly after. The Braves ended the first half trailing, 14-10.

During the third quarter, after Chino scored multiple touchdowns, the Braves fought back with a 77 yard touchdown pass connection between Jacob Robles and Luis Flores. As the game neared the fourth quarter, Robles attempted to close the lead between the Braves and the Cowboys. The referees were fooled by Robles as he faked the handoff and pulled the ball to take off for a rushing touchdown. However, to the crowd’s disappointment, the touchdown was called back.

Despite trailing their opponents, the Braves pushed through to the last second, scoring their final touchdown in the closing minutes of the game.

Jason Reyna showed pride in his team, commenting, “We learned that we are able to keep up with a great team no matter how big and intimidating they might have seemed.”

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