Gladiators Give Love to Braves


Baldwin Park High School’s tennis team took on the Gladiators at Gladstone on Monday afternoon September 12 and unfortunately lost 15-3.

The team captain Fernanda Garcia said, “It was just an off day for everyone.” When asked about future games, she added confidently, “We’ll be ready by league games for sure.”new

jThe girls started off in good spirits, warming up before the game and laughing during introductions. However, it seemed as though the girls were not feeling too well, most of them sneezing and coughing right before they started their matches.

Most of the sets started off tied 1-1, but the opponents later took the upper hand and ended up winning 6-1 for most sets. The only sets BP won were the #3 singles because Gladstone did not have a third singles player.

There were 9 total bagels (6-0 loses) and doubles team Damaris De la Vega and Guadalupe Toscano were the only ones to reach 6-3p on set 2.

The big loss comes as a shock to the team after being on a two game winning streak prior to the Gladstone game.

The girls shouted, “Good Job Gladstone!” as they left after being defeated. The final score was 15 to 3.

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