Frank Ocean Isn’t Missing


Three years of waiting and teasing, the album finally dropped. Frank Ocean announced that on February 21, 2013 he would release an album called “Boys Don’t Cry”. Fans were excited, patiently waiting for another announcement on the exact date the album would come out. That announcement never came.

Many rumors from fan pages went around on Twitter about the date the album would drop and leaked pictures from the album. The first announcement was not a specific date but was said that the release would be in the month of July 2016. So fans waited in excitement each day of July, waiting and waiting. As July passed, once again left fans were left in frustration.

After July, Frank Ocean managed to make himself more famous without even dropping the album due to fans making memes and humorous tweets about Frank. “Wanted” and “Missing” posters were made all over social media, trying so hard to get Frank’s attention. Finally, unexpectedly on August 20, 2016 the album was finally up for sale on iTunes music.

The albums fans were waiting for finally dropped. Along with the album, Frank released a magazine called, “Boys Don’t Cry”, and named the new album “Bonde”.

Blonde has a total of 17 songs, each described with beautiful, deep, and meaningful lyrics. A few songs feature Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, Young Lean, Andre 3000, Pharrell Williams, and Tyler the Creator.

After listening to the album over 50 times, I’d rate the album a 10/10


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