Heard About Apple AirPods?


Since the big reveal of the much anticipated Apple iPhone 7 on Wednesday, September 7, people have been chattering about the phone’s new features. Yet, no feature has had the same amount of social media coverage or backlash as the iPhone 7’s lack of an audio jack.

When Apple got rid of the beloved 3.5mm audio jack, backlash was expected. However, Apple did not allow any time for outrage because the company seemed to solve its self-made problem with a new accessory called AirPods. AirPods are the next generation of earphones — now wireless — and will be sold separately with a charging case.

airpods-3By creating a new form of earphones, Apple did displease a large portion of its supporters who are loyal wired earphone users. However, Apple did expect the need to adapt to AirPods over time so they also announced a 3.5mm-to-Lightning adapter for users who prefer their wired earphones.

Upon its announcement, my main qualm with AirPods is how easily one could lose them. Two separated buds are a lot easier to lose than earphones connected by long wires. The most distressing part of losing AirPods is the price of a replacement pair, which is a whopping $159.

However, major change is the hallmark of Apple. “Think different” is literally Apple’s slogan. Apple has almost always been at the forefront of innovation. From multitouch technology to the iPhone itself, Apple’s innovations that defied technological status quo define the company. In response to Apple’s constant changes, people are quick to find fault, but innovation is necessary to move forward.

“The reason to move on, it really comes down to one word: courage,” explained Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing. “The courage to move on, to do something new, that betters all of us.”

AirPods may not be popular to many right now, but nobody has had the chance to try them out yet. Thus, we should wait before we completely write off the concept of AirPods. We never know. Wired earphones might become a thing of ancient history once AirPods become available in October.

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