New Homecoming Traditions


This year, the BPHS homecoming dance is scheduled for the night of October 14. This year’s dance will be noticeably different from the homecoming we’ve come to know. The dance has undergone a change of dress code, price, time, and, most notably, a change of venue.

When students at BP think of homecoming, far away venues and gowns come to mind, but not this year. The traditional homecoming dances we have come to love are not traditional after all. In fact, many schools hold their homecoming dances after the homecoming football game and on the school’s campus. This homecoming season, BP will be participating in this tradition.

The homecoming dance this year will be held in the school’s gym immediately after the Braves face off against the Covina Colts. Because of the cheaper location, ticket prices have been lowered, but the exact price has not been revealed.

School dances always bring stress to students who plan on attending. This new homecoming dance will eliminate one source of worry by abandoning the usual formal attire dress code for casual wear. Attendees will be able to postpone the stress of finding the perfect gown or suit for the Winter Formal, which is planned to take place at the Marriott Hotel in January.

When asked about how she hopes students will react to the changes made to the homecoming dance, ASB board member, Julia Gonzalez, responded with, “I hope they’ll appreciate that it’s a traditional dance and that it’s cheaper.”

Despite the drastic changes, with the hard work of the student government and the enthusiasm of the students, there is no doubt that the night will be a magical one.

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