Eating with Uber


UberEats is a part of the Uber chain, but instead of taking you to a different location, Uber is now offering delivery service because nothing is better than having food at your doorstep.

However, it does come at a price. The menu is changed every day, usually giving you two options from two different restaurants . The food prices typically range from $8-$13 per food item and that does not include the service fee of $5 dollars per order and the tip. One meal, the $5 dollar fee, and tip, all together comes at a decent price of $30 maximum.

Compared to other completing services which range from $37-39 max, $30 seems like a good deal. Also, unlike many other food services, UberEats offers a 10 minute or less delivery, which is a crazy short wait for food.

It was initially only offered in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. Currently in Los Angeles , you can only find UberEats around the main city, reaching cities like Santa Monica and parts of Pasadena (unfortunately not reaching El Monte or Baldwin Park).

Overall, many UberEats users are happy with the fast service and food offered; however, those who have allergies or prefer vegan or vegetarian food are not accommodated yet.

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