Halloween Shopping Boo!-m


Photographer: Dwight Burdette

While the heat lingers as we enter the month of September, Halloween is just around the corner. Big-name retail stores, such as Walmart and Target, are already setting up parts of their stores as Halloween corners.

However, if one wants to find a greater variety of ghoulish decor and creepy costumes, Halloween pop-up stores have a frightening amount of options. Halloween pop-up stores show up around cities a month or so before October every year and disappear as quickly as they appear once the eerie holiday passes.

These stores have seasonal and recognizable names, such as Spirit Halloween and Halloween City. While they are novelties in their own right, these companies are big businesses that look for specific locations with certain requirements to host their stores.

“Spirit is ideally looking for temporary three month leases that include a kick-out clause,” explains Spirit Halloween’s website. “We like to locate our store in power centers, strip-centers, free-standing stores[…] Our aim is to set up in communities that have 1) a population of approximately 35,000+, 2) living within a 3-5 mile radius, and 3) with a car count of at least 25,000 cars per day.”

Pop-up retail is not a new concept. The first pop-up stores have been around since the early 2000s. However, Halloween pop-up stores have uncommon success when compared to its pop-up counterparts that sell items from fireworks to band merchandise.

The success behind the Halloween pop-up stores does not come from a single factor. One of the most important aspects is the fun factor behind the holiday itself. Enthusiastic employees who return year after year to work at their favorite pop-up stores also serve an important role in creating the unique experience of shopping at these stores. The unbeatable ranges of fashionable, scary, and creative costumes available at these stores also add to the experience.

Although Halloween pop-up stores are relatively new in the history of Halloween, their significant role in the holiday has only grown over the recent years. Now, shopping at these temporary stores is a fun and exciting experience in and of itself and has become a new tradition for this holiday.

To all Halloween-enthusiasts, visiting and shopping at these Halloween pop-up stores is the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit early this season.

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