Suicide Squad Review


On March 20 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released and DC fans were not too happy. What many fans expected was a deep, epic, and harsh battle between DC’s two most loved superheroes. According to Google movie critics the disappointing film was rated a 2/5 stars with a low profit of $278 million Warner Brothers Studios.

Although the unpopular film left Superman and Batman fans bored, they were ready for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Suicide Squad was released August 5, 2016 with a profit of $133.6M on opening day.
The film is about a U.S officer who wishes to assemble a team of dangerous, talented, and experienced supervillains. The reason for this get together of villains is for a top-secret mission. The team is arranged with famous villains such as Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, and a few governmental arranged inmates. United, the criminals go to battle a strangely powerful source of pure evil. Throughout the traveling battle, The Joker makes his own evil troubles to kidnap Harley Quinn back from the force.

Suicide Squad was rated with a high 3/5 stars by Google movie critics. Many may think this film was also disappointing and lazy with a comparison to the comic books. Other absolutely loved the film and labeled it as their new favorite movie.

The film was also very popular to the “Robin being Joker” theory. This theory was made after Batman’s new comic was released known as “A Death in the Family.” In this comic the Joker kills Robin and since the death fan began to think “Could Robin be Joker?” Many believe that Rodin didn’t actually die, instead he was tortured to insanity by Joker. Which led to “killing” him as a cover up.

I enjoyed the film and would rate it a high 3/5 stars. I suggest you go out and see the film. What’s your theory?

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