Spotlight – Evelyn Montenegro


BALDWIN PARK, CA- Evelyn Montenegro is a senior and the ASB president at Baldwin Park High School. Her job includes making everyone at school feel welcomed, planning activities and events for seniors as well as the whole school, and of course bringing school spirit.

On top of being the ASB president, she is currently a part of our spectacular cheer squad, is in Drama, and is a part of Dual Language.

However, being ASB president was never something she envisioned, she was afraid of even speaking to people her freshman year. She never imagined she would have the privilege of being ASB president.

As a senior, she now has a whole different outlook on the school year and feels like one of the key differences between her freshman year and now is the fact that one must start building their desired career and life.

When asked if she has any advice for underclassmen, she IMG_0339responded with, “Stay on top of your work, definitely, don’t slack off and be as involved as you can. And don’t be afraid to show spirit, too.” As a major part of the ASB class, she is all about having school spirit.

“I think one of my fondest [memories], is definitely that BP vs SV game. I don’t know it was just cool to see everyone get that moment of energy because I’ve never seen it.”

Evelyn, also shared with us some insider details, sharing the possibility of a night rally prior to the BP vs SV game, Senior Sunrise, and many more fun upcoming events for the Seniors of BPHS. And of course also shared her excitement for prom, Grad Night, and graduation.

The ASB president overall is a charismatic and outgoing person and is doing a great job representing Baldwin Park High School.

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