Pokémon in Real Life


Many people have dreamed of catching Pokemon in real life and now they can, thanks to the most popular app in the U.S, Pokémon Go. In case you don’t know what Pokémon are, they are basically monsters that people capture and use to battle others in the game with powers based on elements like fire and water.

Niantic Labs, the developers of the Pokémon Go app have come up with a different type of game compared to usual games like Clash Royale and Candy Crush. The game uses your phone’s GPS and camera to show you where Pokemon may be in your area. Unlike many other games, you actually have to get up and walk in order to advance in the game. This causes an increased number of people walking around and getting exercise.

Pokemon go2The game is free to play but does offer in-app purchases to help you advance more quickly. It never feels like you have to spend any money on the game because you can get items like potions and Pokeballs at Pokestops, which are landmarks in your area that give you items when you are within range. Pokeballs are used to capture Pokémon that you find and potions are used to heal your Pokémon after a battle. On top of that, Pokémon Go also has items called lure modules that attract Pokémon to Pokestops and they can benefit everyone and not just the player who activated it, encouraging fun interactions between players.

Morgan Park was flooded with many people due to having an abundance of Pokestops, but recently the Pokestops were taken down, saddening many trainers who used Morgan Park as their go to place to catch Pokémon. Good news. According to Baldwin Park City program specialist Yuriko Ruizesparza, “Pokestops are put on hold but will return shortly, Niantic is just working out issues with the game.”

Additionally, the game is very competitive, making you choose to be on one of three teams: Mystic, Valor and Instinct. This causes friendly battles against other players in your area through “gyms”. Gyms are key places in your town where people may go and battle against other Pokémon trainers through a simple tap and swipe battling system.

Overall this is a very unique game, with a different yet refreshing new play style for mobile games. It is a great way to motivate people into getting out of their houses and get some exercise while meeting new people and playing a great game. With over 150 Pokémon to catch, you won’t get bored with this game anytime soon.

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