Braves Shrink the Giants


Wednesday, January 6, the BPHS’s girls’ varsity basketball team played again the Giants, in Armstrong Gymnasium, at Ganesha High School in Pomona. Despite the fact that there were a few impediments that caused the game to begin at 7:20 P.M. instead of 6 P.M., the lady Braves played a tough game and finished strong, winning 56-32, and shrinking the Giants’ overall stats from 1-7, to 1-8.

The Braves kept the score tied with the giants throughout the first and second quarters, with six fouls made, and one made against them in the first quarter. The game did not begin to take off until the third quarter, when the Braves and the Giants interchangeably took the lead, then trailed behind.

After a foul during the fourth quarter, Lady Brave Janet Vasquez, was fouled and given two free throws. She made one.

During the last quarter, Sally Hernandez made a three pointer and moved the score up from 40-28, to 43-28. To add to the intensity, a Ganesh’s player could not hit the brakes on her feet, and ran through the doors, jumping over a by-stander.

The final score ended up being 56-32. The Braves fought and pushed through, earning a well-deserved win.

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