Braves Destroy the Gladiators


On Wednesday, April 27, Baldwin Park High School’s Varsity baseball team seized a strong, successful win against Gladstone High with a score of 14-1.

The Braves scored their first run when Francisco Ruiz stole home on a wild pitch. Gladstone refused to give up, considering they were in the second inning and only down by one run. With two outs, Isaac Ortiz hit a single to center. Gladstone’s pitcher, Gabriel Contreras helped his team’s cause and hit a double that allowed Ramirez to score. In the top of the fourth inning, the score was tied 1-1, but the Braves were just beginning to heat up their bats. The inning began when Leo Orozco was hit by a pitch and advanced to first. Freddy Quintana walked, and there were two runners in scoring position with zero outs. Pabon was then walked and the Braves took a lead of 2-1. Afterwards, a Brave player hit a pop up but nobody in Gladstone’s infield called the out. They all watched the ball plop to the ground, allowing everyone to reach their bases safely. In addition, Quintana was able to score.IMG_4095

Gladstone then switched pitchers, but the switch failed to stop the Braves from their fourth inning rally as Jimmy Castro was walked while the bases were loaded. The score then became 4-1. Ruiz stepped up to bat and hit a bloop into the infield, allowing two players to score, and the Braves to extend their lead to 6-1. With one out in the fourth inning, Barboza and Cueva hit back-to-back singles, building up the score to 9-1.

Centuries later, the Gladiators were finally able to get three outs, ending the Braves’ fourth inning with a score of 12-1. At the top of the fifth, the Braves took out the Gladstone Gladiators with an inning of back-to-back outs. The Braves walked into the bottom of the fifth inning with their bats still hot and scored two more runs to extend their lead. They began the top of the sixth with a score of 14-1. The last two innings of the game were quite uneventful as the Gladiators were unable to puncture the Braves’ immense lead. The game ended with a final score of 14-1.

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