FREE, in L.A.?


Around this time is when teenagers are probably wondering what they can possibly do this summer while on the budget of a jobless teenager. Parents are probably already going into panic mode and cringing at how much money their children are going to weasel out of them during their two month long summer vacation. It’s a good thing somebody is writing this article. Most people feel their pockets burning as soon as they hear the word “L.A.” However, they aren’t aware of all of the free things to do in L.A.

Having fun in the summer is easy in L.A. There is an unlimited number of things one can do. Ranging from hiking to amusement parks, nice views to a trip to the beach, some of these can get expensive. However, there are tons of fun and free (yes, free) things to do in L.A. For example, instead of going to Universal Studios and spending hundreds of dollars, why not take a trip to see the Venice Canals, or the Annenburg Space for Photography? There are also the California Science Center, the Broad, and even the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine, which are all free.

The Annenburg Space for Photography is located in Los Angeles and is an ideal place for teenagers with an admiration for photography to visit. The space offers visitors a chance to gaze at photos and videos which are displayed on a wall. The space takes an innovative approach to attract today’s youth by displaying their photos and videos with music playing around the building. This place is totally free to visit, and parking is only $1.

On the more educational side stands the California Science Center which is located at USC in Los Angeles. The science center is free for anybody to enter. The science center gives everybody a chance to see the universe from a different angle, space shuttles, the 1,500 live fish in their Kelp Tank, actual space capsules from different planets, and so much more.

For those deep into touch with nature and their spiritual side or those who just love beautiful scenery, the Venice Canals and the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine are the places to visit this summer. The canals offer a different angle of the ordinary Venice beachfront experience. The canals offer the view of beautiful, movie-like beach houses, arching pedestrian bridges, ducklings, and etc. The lake shrine, on the other-hand, is mystical and it is mysterious. It was used to film movies during the silent era and it is one of the most peaceful places to visit. It is also completely free. The gardens carry the theme of Old Hollywood. There is even a shrine that holds some of Ghandi’s ashes on the premises. Where better to be than these free places where one can get in touch with their spiritual, and nature admiring sides?

Last but not least, there is the new and free contemporary art museum: the Broad. The Broad holds the famous creations of many of the most famous photographers including Andy Warhol. It even has the famous “Infinity Mirrored Room” on display. While this museum is free, it is recommended that visitors make a reservation due to the high volume of crowds.

People shouldn’t let a lack of money keep them from having fun this summer. Instead, they should take the advice in this article and visit some of these fabulous places. Why spend hundreds of dollars on single-day visits to amusement parks, only to be stuck in three-hour long lines, when they can simply visit some of these places? But remember, always be safe and travel in groups. Have fun!

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