$11 to Get to and From L.A.?


Taking trips from here to L.A. The MetroLink is easier than people think. It is also inexpensive. The Vanguard News ran an article about free and inexpensive places to visit in L.A., and now there is a way to get there without having to rely on parents, and without having to stress about transportation.

In order to get to L.A., on the MetroLink, the only thing people need to do is drive to the downtown Baldwin Park MetroLink station, and buy a train ticket to Union Station. Union Station is located in the heart of Los Angeles, and from there, it is easy to get around. Whether it be through the subway, busses, or through an Uber, it is cheap and easy to get to those free places. It only costs $5.50 to take the MetroLink to Union Station, and $5.50 to get back. That is $11 total for round trip transportation to free exhibits, to Amoeba music, and to the other wonders that lay in the heart of L.A.

L.A. is one of the many places in this nation that provides visitors and tourists with what seems to be an infinite amount of things to do. They can visit museums, go to art exhibits, mystic gardens, the California Science Center, etc. However, the majority of today’s youth lacks the transportation necessary to get there. Now it is easy. However, do not forget to pay or else whoever forgets and is caught can be charged a fine of up to $250 and 48 hours of community service.

It does not take long to get to Union Station from Baldwin Park either. It only takes about 30 minutes to get there from here. A couple more visits that one can take from here to L.A. are to the famous Olvera Street, where can get into touch with Latino heritage and cultures. They can even get to the La Brea Tarpits and Museum, the California Science Center, the Annenburg Space for Photography, etc. by taking a connecting subway, and enjoy the beautiful and interesting works they have. These places are enjoyable to visit anytime, especially during the summer where free time seems almost eternal. Many of these places even offer visitors an educational experience with all of the historic content.

For those who are interested in traveling and who love L.A., here is an easy and inexpensive way to get there. Here is a way for those without transportation to get to the free exhibits in L.A. Start saving up some money, and get there. Have fun and be safe. Try not to get lost either. Good luck

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