My Experience With Oxygen (Coffee)


I am here today to talk about my experience with coffee and the way it has affected my sleep. I have been drinking coffee for so long that I honestly do not remember the exact amount of time. My coffee addiction started to grow during my freshman year in high school. I am now a senior and I have been drinking coffee as though it is water ever since then. I love coffee. Coffee wakes me up and it makes me feel wired all the time. It makes me the enjoyable, hyper person I am today.

I first started drinking coffee during my freshman year because I wanted to be able to stay up all night and do my homework. I have always been a big procrastinator. Thus, I have always worked on my homework late at night. As a freshman, I didn’t have very much homework. I had a nice stack every night, but not enough to make me stay up until the witching hours of the night (a.k.a. 3 A.M.). I was a moderate consumer of caffeine freshman year, and every school year after that, I began to consume even more. Once junior year came along and I decided to take 3 A.P. courses at once, my coffee consumption increased dramatically.

I remember staying up until the witching hours every night or simply pulling full-on all nighters. I was always tired and I would always crash right after the coffee wore off. I drank so much coffee that I became a gold member at Starbucks very quickly. I never stopped to realize the toll coffee was taking on my health until the weekends came and I found myself wasting away the days by sleeping all day.

During the week, I would drink so much coffee that sometimes I felt like I needed it to breathe. Coffee became my oxygen. It kept me awake and going, and it allowed me to get things done. However, the more I drank, the less sleep I would get at night. Regardless of the time I drank the coffee, I would just lay there at night sometimes without being able to sleep. It felt as though I had just fallen asleep when my alarm rang. And of course, this made me want to drink even more coffee. Of course, I did consume even more coffee.

One day I finally realized that I was hardly ever sleeping, so I decided to try to slow down my coffee consumption. It didn’t work, though. I just felt my head pound and I felt extremely fatigued. I googled my symptoms and realized I was going through coffee withdrawal. Who even knew this was a thing, right? I thought only drugs caused one to go through the excruciating pain and discomfort of withdrawal. I began to google more and more things about coffee and I realized it was one of the things that causes the most dependence out there. Apparently, it is also the most widely consumed drug. Who knew? I also found out it was the reason my nights felt longer, and I was never able to sleep at night. And when I did sleep, it was the reason I was only able to sleep a few hours.

Yes, this is a follow-up article for the actual “Coffee and Sleep” article I wrote that one time. Now you know, the studies are true. Be careful with that so-called drug named coffee. It will make you lose sleep and if you grow enough dependence for it, you will go through withdrawal. Coffee will ruin your sleeping schedule and it will make you crash. Drink fruit-infused water or caffeine from natural things like green tea instead. You will be healthier, and you won’t crash.

P.S. Do as I say, not as I do.

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