Look How Far We’ve Come!


Baldwin Park High School might seem old to many students, but it hasn’t been around for that long. It was established in 1956 and it is one of the three high schools in the city of Baldwin Park. Baldwin Park High School is only eight years older than its rival Sierra Vista High school, which was established in 1964. BPHS’ mascot is the Brave, and students are often referred to as “Braves.”

Baldwin Park High School’s famous alma mater is: “Baldwin Park, O Baldwin Park

We’ll ever love you best.

Through all the years of smiles and tears,

You’ll always stand the test.’

We’ll love you and serve and honor you,

And for your colors cheer,

And loudly sing thy praises

Our Alma Mater dear.”

Every time the famous Star-Spangled Banner is sung at big events that are held on campus, current Braves and BPHS alumni always yell out the last word of the song and say “Braves.” Many students take pride in having had the chance to attend this school, and most alumni remember the saying “Once a Brave, always a Brave.”

There are currently 84 full-time teachers on campus. The total student population is currently an estimated 2,298 students. Ninety-nine percent of these students are categorized as minorities. Eighty-eight percent of these students are said to be at an economic disadvantage. The student population gets along very well today, which is very different from the history of the relationships between students of the late twentieth century, and early twenty-first century. The student body has learned to coexist, and they have created over 20 clubs on campus that welcome all students.

BPHS has always maintained a nice balance between academics and sports. The school offers students a variety of sports to choose from. It offers sports ranging from football, basketball, softball, baseball, tennis, badminton, to wrestling, cross country, track and field, volleyball, water polo, soccer, and cheerleading. Many of these sports have been winners of league championships, and soccer makes it to CIF almost every year.

The school used to be known for its gang-affiliation and the intense fights that would go on, but today, it provides students with a whole new environment. The school is being recognized for its academics instead of only their sports. The school is beginning to gain a lot of prestige. The school offers many A.P. courses in the social sciences, the sciences, foreign languages, the arts, and more. Thirty-nine percent of the student population is enrolled in at least one A.P. course.

BPHS is gaining a lot of prestige as a result of preparing its students very well for college, and being able to counsel their students well-enough and provide them with so many resources that they are being accepted to the best universities out there.

According to usnews.com, the school has a 96% graduation rate, with 35% being eligible for admission to the Universities of California and the California State Universities. The average graduation rate in the nation is currently at 81%.

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