Those Purple Money Holders


Have you walked into class and seen those purple buckets? Have you ever been interrupted during class by a student coming to collect the buckets? You’re probably wondering what the buckets hold, where the content goes, and why.

The buckets hold money that is donated by students and teachers for the Relay for Life organization. Relay for Life is an annual marathon that is held to raise both awareness and funds which are to be donated to the American Cancer Association. The money is set towards funding cancer research in hopes of someday finding a cure. Every dollar gets the research one step closer.

Renaissance is in charge of handing out buckets to the classrooms for the organization. While neither the club nor the organization ever set a goal for a minimum amount of money for the buckets, they usually strive to at least match the amount of money collected the year before, and if not, to have accumulated more. Renaissance encourages students and teachers to raise as much money as they can possibly collect.IMG_4347

Renaissance motivates students and teachers to donate as much as they can for the cause by announcing that they will host a pizza party. for the classroom that raises the most money. This usually motivates students enough to donate their spare change. Some teachers even offer to match their student’s donations. This not only raises more money for Relay for Life, but it also raises awareness, and gets students some type of reward. While many students donate out of the niceness of their hearts, the parties are a nice reward.

Well, now that you know what the purple buckets are for and now that you are informed about their importance, go and find one. Donate some money. Every donation helps.

Just share it.