Don’t Burn a Hole in Your Wallet on Father’s Day


With Father’s Day right around the corner, people are squirming around trying to figure out what on earth they are going to get for their fathers. What does one get the man who has always been there, the man who has supported them throughout their life? Many are probably on a quest to figure out some ideas that will save them the most amount of money. Here are some ideas that will show parents just how much they are appreciated.

Why not create a gift basket of all of one’s father’s favorite things? Maybe throw in a few pairs of socks (or a pair of crazy socks, just to add some humor into the gift), or a new mug while you’re at it. Some good things to add-in are a pack of Chap-Sticks, one of those long lighters used for barbecuing, a gift card for a meal to their favorite fast-food restaurant, some hygiene products, a card with a few words written by the giver themselves on it, and maybe even a photo of oneself alongside their father. All of these things can be found at a pretty low cost with some searching. A combination of all of the things they love is guaranteed to make them realize just how much they are appreciated.

Some other D.I.Y. (do it yourself) ideas are creating a small pamphlet full of coupons. The coupons can include things like “three hugs today,” “1 free car wash,” “five free nag-free favors,” “weeks’ worth of dish washing,” and other cheesy things. A lot of the times these are the things that they will appreciate most because it shows that one is willing to work hard for them. It gives them time to relax and clear their minds of worry instead of having to wash the car after a long day of work, or having to wash the dishes after a nice meal on a long day.IMG_4350cndsj

Ultimately, the best and most priceless gift anybody can give their parent is an afternoon focused solely on them. An afternoon where they are taken out and their child is in their presence the entire time. Sometimes we humans forget that we need to spend time with our parents and that they are growing old too. Sometimes we focus too much of our time on doing homework, watching Netflix, or hanging out with friends and we forget that our parents probably miss us. It often makes them believe they aren’t fun anymore or that they have grown old in their child’s head. Crack jokes, talk about school, talk about the good times. Most importantly, have fun and don’t pick any fights.

Many people tend to believe that they have to buy these extraordinary gifts for their parents, but it is really the little things that count. Most parents tend to feel a little guilty when their child spends their money on a gift for them. Instead, just spend the day with them and let them know they are appreciated. Hopefully these ideas were helpful. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers or mothers who took on both roles out there! Keep up the hard work. You are appreciated.

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