Prospective UC Santa Barbara Students Receive Insight


IMG_7366The University of California Santa Barbara hosted its annual Spring Insight for admitted students on Saturday, April 9. The event took place on campus from 8a.m. to 3p.m. with different  events taking place each hour. Families were given the freedom to choose which events they wanted to attend. These events included Drop ins to the Housing Fair or Financial Aid Office, Campus Tours, steps to enrollment, Educational Abroad Program, Education Opportunity Program, Lectures regarding Earthquakes, LGBTQ Thrive on Campus, Cinema, Chemical Engineering, and Languages.

Unlike the sunny California weather that UCSB embraces, the day began with non-stop rain. This did not discourage future students and their families as the attendance was a success with over a thousand students and family members. The campus tour that took place visited different buildings on campus including the schools newly remodeled library. Also along with every major university in thIMG_7275e country, there were signs of construction taking place on campus.

Students learned that the university is popular among bike riders as they were almost hit while walking, and were also given information on Summer Transitional Education Opportunity Program and Freshman Summer Start Program to help incoming freshman adapt to the beach vibes and academics on campus.

This event proved to be eye opening and an important factor in helping students choose and prepare to attend UC Santa Barbara. The University received a record breaking number of applicants at 94,015 with 42% having a high school GPA of a 4.0 or higher. Of the 16,000 students that submitted their Statement of Intent to Register, they can look forward to good weather, beaches vibes, and being at one of the top public universities in the country.

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