BPHS to Offer Horticulture Course


Area behind 700’s set to be turned into a garden.

BALDWIN PARK, CA —- A horticulture class has been approved for the 2016-2017 academic year. Horticulture refers to the art or practice of garden cultivation and management. The class is the result of the work of Mr. Smith, AP Biology and Forensics teacher, and Francisco Cardoso, founder of the Vanguard News.

“I went to Arcadia High School, and I noticed, ‘Hey, that’s a nice garden they have there.’ They have gardens all over the place and it’s very nice. And you know, we could do that. So I took that idea and I started talking to people at the district and they agreed with me so it went through,” recounts Cardoso on why he felt the need to start a garden project at our school.

The plan was to use the space behind the 700’s as a student-run garden. Cardoso proposed his idea to the administration and soon found out that Mr. Smith had the same idea.

“I got the idea about early September of last year. And I talked to Mr. Smith about it in December; it turns out he had the idea earlier. And I had already started discussing it with people in the district and in the office and we just worked from there,” recounts Cardoso. “It was a lot of waiting – mostly to get approval from a lot of things,” he added.

Funding for the course comes from a grant given to the school by the Sterling family after the death of Mr. Bill Sterling, former teacher at BPHS. The grant is to be used for classes that teach students technical skills.IMG_5764

“It’s coming to fruition this summer and hopefully if we get enough people it will become a class next year that Mr. Smith would teach of course,” Cardoso stated.

The class will be considered an elective next year; however, horticulture is both a science and an art. Thus, it is hoped that it may give students another way to satisfy their science requirements.

College students interested in horticulture can choose to major in the field. For example, Texas A&M offers two undergraduate degrees (B.A./B.S.) and three graduate degrees in horticulture. Opportunities for employment include managing a landscape company, developing educational programs for schools, and marketing.

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