It’s Your Right, Exercise it!

It's Your Right, Exercise it!

2016 is looking to be a big voting year due to the presidential election, and with each year, comes another batch of eighteen-year-olds able to vote. But with the new found ability to vote, do these teens know the steps needed to be taken to enter their ballot this November?

Not only will citizens be able to vote in November, but California will be having their primary elections on June 7. So what are the steps you must take to be able to vote this coming primary? It’s simple, all one needs to do is go online to to register to vote; it only takes a few minutes.

What you will need to register  is a few simple things: your California driver license or California identification card number, the last four digits of your social security number, and your date of birth. Now that you know what you will need to register to vote you must be wondering, when is the last day I can register for the primary or general election?  Well to not worry procrastinators, the deadline to vote for any election is 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on thebooth 15th calendar  day (this election May 23) before that election date. If you submit your registration after the deadline, you will be ready to vote for the next election.

So newfound voters, exercise your right and get to voting. Do not simply think that your voice does not matter because no matter who you’re voting for, your voice deserves to be heard. Don’t be discouraged to get that ballot in!

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