Santa Monica Just Got Brighter


Santa_Monica_Pier_Ferris_WheelThe infamous Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier has begun to renovate its ever so popular Ferris Wheel to celebrate the park’s 20th birthday celebration on May 26, 2016.Pacific_Park_Enterance

The lights on the Ferris Wheel will go dark until May 26, but the ride itself will still be running to entertain locals, tourists, and other visitors. The renovation itself will cost $1 million and add up to 174,000 LED lights with higher resolution, greater color depth, and faster speed. The eco-friendly LED lights will save 75% more energy than its current energy-saving lights.

Future visitors can look forward to 16.7 million color combination and 1,960 more pixels than its current built. As the park attracts over 8 million visitors with its other amusement rides, games, and view, it can look forward to attracting more for many more years to come

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