Harriet Tubman Makes History Again

Harriet Tubman Makes History Again

The United States of America will undergo a change in its currency. While the change will not affect the grthgrtdgrevalue of the dollar, it will replace former president Andrew Jackson’s picture with Harriet Tubman on the front of the bill.

Changes to the 20-dollar bill were announced on April 20, after Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced this action to address America’s history of slavery and inequality. According to the Los Angeles Times, Lew went on to declare, “It was an evolutionary process.”

While it may come to a surprise to some, Tubman will not be the first woman to be featured on US currency. In fact Martha Washington, wife of George Washington, appeared on the $1 silver certificate from 1886 to 1957. Tubman had to compete against memorable women in United States history such as Rosa Parks and Eleanor Roosevelt for her spot on the $20 dollar bill.

This change was not only for social significance, as it was part of a plan to combat counterfeit money, it will be major step in that U.S. Currency has not been majorly changed since 1929. According to Made of Money, 3,028 people were arrested in 2011 for counterfeiting money, and expect $261 million dollars in counterfeit money to be in circulation.

Also former president and slave owner, Andrew Jackson who was put into office as a war hero was responsible for the movement and deaths of thousands of Native Americans. His position will be booted to the back of the bill, as he is replaced Harriet Tubman, an abolitionist who risked her life to help slaves escape to freedom through the Underground Railroad. She will soon make her mark in history once again and have a face that will be remembered for generations to come.

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