Attention, Fellow Starbucks Lovers!


As the whole world is probably aware of, the once beloved coffee chain Starbucks changed its rewards program and customers feel it is not convenient for them anymore; thus, it is not so beloved anymore. The once acclaimed chain is now facing tons of cyber harassment ranging from complaints to insults. The new rewards program is perceived by coffee addicts as an outrage.

From their perspective, they are now obligated to waste more money in order to get a free drink. Many of the people who go to Starbucks regularly are used to strolling by every morning, maybe sometimes during brunch as well, and purchasing a $2 venti (A.K.A. large, for those who aren’t fluent in the Starbucks jargon) cup of coffee, and receiving a start.

The old program used to reward customers with one star for every drink purchased, no matter the size or the price of the drink. After 12 stars, customers were given a free drink of their choice. The new program gives two stars to customers for every dollar spent. Now, instead of only having to spend a mere $24 to receive a free drink, one is obligated to spend at least $62.50 in order to accumulate the 125 stars necessary to obtain a free drink.

Although there seems to be a huge gap in the amount of money customers need to spend in order to actually obtain a free drink, there really isn’t. The average price for a venti drink at Starbucks that isn’t coffee is about $4; venti drinks such as the frappuccinos are $4.95. Therefore, if one purchases twelve of these drinks, which many people do, they are spending exactly the same amount as before. IMG_3472After an in depth analysis of the new rewards program, one can easily say that the only people losing and complaining are the cheapskates who go to Starbucks to purchase their $2 coffee, and expect to receive a free drink of any price and size for free. Besides, those who buy a mere cup of coffee usually also purchase a pastry or a breakfast sandwich. Therefore, they are actually receiving more points than before.

If the gist of this article still isn’t clear, the point is that most customers really aren’t losing much from this new rewards program. At the end of the day, customers end up winning because they now receive points for any pastry or any merchandise purchased. The old program didn’t award stars for pastries purchased, only one star for every drink. So, there it is. Turns out the outrage was just a misunderstanding. Hopefully Starbucks will once again become the beloved chain it once was and fellow coffee addicts will continue to shop at Starbucks.

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