50 Years of “Off The Wall”

50 Years of “Off The Wall”

In 1966, Paul Van Doren wanted to design a shoe used for skateboarding. According to the official Vans website, the inspiration for creating the shoes was to make a rubber sole to look like waffles, and that gripped tightly and stuck like syrup. He first made a few custom ones making each a little different. Surfers were really interested in the shoe and the design. These shoes were growing popular all along the coast line after a little surf shop in Santa Monica started selling them. Teenagers went wild for them, buying pairs with designs that matched their true colors. These shoes were known for skateboarding and for changing skateboarding history. They were given the name Vans and followed up by the quote “Off the Wall”.VN-0EE3BLK_BK_M50_M


Teenagers started coming up with ideas for custom shoes and asking for them to be made. Van Doren agreed, which led to more and more shoes with different designs. After a few designs a stripe was added to the shoe. But the kids wanted more, so why not make high-top shoe?


As Vans went national, the rockers started having concerts sponsored by Vans, which made The Vans Warped Tour; where bands get together for loud music with soul. The House of Vans was made soon after, which skaters and surfers would attend not just for the shoes, but also for the clothing, skateboard seal, and surfboards. After 50 years, as fads come and go, the Van Doren Rubber Company stood but you can call them Vans.

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