Call of Duty Shipment Countdown: Will It Be a Crash?

Call of Duty Shipment Countdown: Will It Be a Crash?

Call of Duty fanboys will be pleased to hear that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will certainly be making its way back into the current generation.

After recent years of the franchise, Call of Duty enthusiasts have seen a decline in the series as the game continues to evolve around the future and with that evolution,  jetpacks and colorful guns. While this may seem like an intriguing idea to some, the majority of the Call of Duty community has dreaded these changes, repeatedly claiming that CoD 4: Modern Warfare was the peak of the entire franchise.

COD1This year, Sledgehammer Games have once again one-upped the series by taking the fight to space. CoD: Infinite Warfare is said to take place sometime in the future with space battles and other futuristic gizmos, but this isn’t the reason a large portion of the Call of Duty community is considering snatching this years rendition of the franchise.

A recent leak has shown the legacy edition of the game containing a “Remastered” version of Cod 4: Modern Warfare. This version of Modern Warfare would include the entire campaign of the original game with updated graphics and current generation technological perks. While some had speculated that the Remastered edition of the game would not include multiplayer, the leak seems to prove that 10 multiplayer maps will be included, suggesting that multiplayer aspect of the game will be supported.

This seems wonderful and all, but there may be one issue that the community has seemed to ignore.

The original CoD 4 : Modern Warfare included a total of 16 maps from launch, and the Remastered edition will only include a total of 10 multiplayer maps. This could potentially stir some controversy as the game would not be released in its entirety, and with the current practices of this generation’s gaming industry, we may be seeing the extra maps included in later DLC. pic2

DLC, or downloadable content, in this case, is not controversial due to the fact that gamers have to pay extra money for more stuff, but that gamers have to pay more money for content that SHOULD have been included in the Remastered Edition to begin with. This doesn’t even take into consideration the fact that Modern Warfare had a plethora of extra maps that came beyond the initial release, all of which will presumably be released as additional DLC if released at all.

Despite the unknown, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will certainly be a deciding factor for some when thinking about purchasing the newest addition to the franchise, and anyone who hasn’t experienced Call of Duty should definitely take this opportunity to jump in head-first alongside those bathing in nostalgia.

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