Hail, Cesar


The name Cesar Arevalo has been heard all around the city of Baldwin Park these last few weeks. With appearances on KIIS-FM, the Latin Post, ABC7, and being on the cover of La Opinión, among some, it’s hard not to have heard about him.

Cesar has been in the spotlight recently due to being accepted into various prestigious colleges. These include UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, UC Los Angeles, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Brown, Columbia, and Dartmouth.

“I still have yet to believe it is actually happening” added Cesar when asked about getting accepted into these colleges.

Even though he has been talked about all over Baldwin Park, he hasn’t necessarily been in the city. Throughout the month of April he’s visited the campuses of Princeton, Yale, and Harvard in order to get the feel of the school and make sure he chooses the right college to attend. These visits have also let him escape the limelight.
“My college visits have been a much needed break from life. They have also allowed me to escape the media frenzy for a little while,” Cesar commented. “These visits gave him the opportunity to finally choose a school, in which he tweeted, “Catch me in Palo Alto this fall,” indicating his commitment to Stanford University.

With four Advanced Placement classes and AP tests coming up soon, it hacesar 1s been a challenge to balance the end of high school, with the beginning of college.

Cesar’s story has been an inspiration for everyone. All over Facebook and Twitter one can see hundreds of people commenting, sharing, and liking Cesar’s appearances on various media platforms. With “congratulations,” “good job,” and even strangers telling him “I’m proud of you,” plastered all over these posts, it’s obvious the City of Baldwin Park is inspired by Cesar.




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