Earth Day


Earth Day is a day of appreciation for our home in the universe and is approaching April 22. Earth Day is a worldwide annual event for supporters with the lifestyle of keeping the environment clean and protected. The idea and celebration of Earth Day started in 1970 and is considered a holiday in over 193 countries.

Earth Day can be seen as a regular old day, but it doesn’t hurt to do something to make the environment a little bit healthier. You can recycle any trash, paper, plastic, or cans. Water your plants or plant some new ones. Go for a walk or ride a bike instead of driving a car. Maybe even try to make these actions an everyday thing, not just a practice on Earth Day.

A mini Earth Day fair is going to be presented by the Humanitarian Club and National Honor Society Club during both lunches. There will be many jumpers for all to play with and jump. Snacks will be given out for free, such as popcorn and cotton candy. Different booths will be set up with fun and interesting information about Earth. Some booths will be giving out goodies and there will be a prize booth for people who earn tickets at booths. Make sure to be extra nice to the Earth on Friday.

Just share it.