Braves Badminton Cage the Panthers


BALDWIN PARK, CA — On Thursday, April 14, Baldwin Park’s Braves Badminton team won its second match against the Pasadena Polytechnic Panthers on Braves territory with a score of 19-2.

Because Pasadena Poly had a smaller team, the Panthers forfeited seven of their games, handing the Braves those wins before the matches even started.

In mixed doubles, both Braves Mixed Doubles 1 (Leon Truong and Sharon Tran) and 2 (Nhut Linh-Ngo and Shwe Nemyo) won all of their matches. Without a Mixed Doubles 3 team, the Panthers forfeited the deciding mixed doubles match. The Braves immediately established a lead at the beginning of the game with a mixed doubles score of 5-0.

In boys doubles, both Braves Boys Doubles 1 (Ngo and Kelvin Si) and 2 (Jimmy Chen and Kevin Chua) also won their four games, winning another score of 4-0 in boys doubles.bbp

In girls doubles, the Panthers only had a single pair of varsity girls to play and ultimately forfeited two girls doubles matches. Braves Girls Doubles 1 (Lily Phan and Tran) and 2 (Cindy Nguyen and Michelle Del Toro) won against the Panthers’ Girls Doubles 1 team. They brought the score in girls doubles to a solid 4-0.

In boys singles, Braves Boy Singles 1 Truong won against both of the Panther’s boys singles. Braves Boy Singles 2 Justin Vinoray came close to a victory against both but missed by only a handful of points. He promises to defeat them when he meets them again at League Prelims and Finals. Braves tied with the Panthers with a score of 2-2 in boys singles.

In girls singles, the Panthers did not have girls to represent them, so they were forced to forfeit all four of their games, bringing the Braves’ score in girls singles to 4-0.

With this game, the Braves’ league record is at 9-1. There are only two more games until the annual League Tournament and the Braves are hopeful of their performance, especially after this day’s great win.

“Playing Pasadena was okay, it was a fun game and easygoing,” said Si, BPHS senior. “I hope my team and I do well at Prelims.”

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