Track and Field Overcomes Sierra Vista

BALDWIN PARK– On Thursday March 24, the Baldwin Park Track and Field team faced off against rival school Sierra Vista.

The day started off with the 4×100 relay. Baldwin Park’s Boys JV and Girls Varsity teams both got disqualified due to them being unable to pass the baton on time. However, the boys varsity made up for this with an exciting race, beating SV by .19 seconds.

The distance runners showcased their incredible tenacity in the varsity 1600 meter race, including Baldwin Park High’s Timothy Lam, Jose Melchor, and Edgar Nunez.

The boys quickly took off at the sound of the starting gun. Junior Jose Melchor and Sophomore Edgar Nunez immediately took the lead, sticking closely together to each other. As the race went on into the first lap, Melchor and Nunez began to branch off from the rest of the runners, creating a gap which increased through the duration of the race. During the second lap, Melchor began to widen his gap over Nunez.

Towards the end of the third lap, Senior Timothy Lam shifted into third place, overtaking all Sierra Vista High runners. During the last lap, Edgar Nunez surprisingly managed to overtake Melchor and move into first place, but this didn’t last very long as Melchor fought back and pushed himself to catch up to Nunez. It seemed as if the race ended in a tie, but Jose Melchor came out on top; edging out Nunez by an incredible two-tenths of a second.
With the 400 meter race starting, it was evident that BP had no runners at the Frosh/Soph level. This happened more than once, and allowed Sierra Vista to gain easy points. During the girls varsity 400 meter race, only Katherine Lombard ran for Baldwin Park, yet she was able to come in first place, with a time of 1:10:06. At the the boys varsity level, Jesus Aguilar came in second with a time of 57:41.

After this, one of the most intense races, the 100 meter, took place. The girls varsity was up first, with Savannah Butler coming in one whole second faster than any other racer, winning first with a time of 12:08. Luis Flores came in first, with a time of 11:34, and Miguel Castaneda came in right behind him with a time of 11:38.

Representing the Baldwin Park High School throwers were Jessie Sagata, Paulina Sanchez, and Mankyla for the girls and Francisco Perez and Andrew Q. for the boys. They took part in the shot-put and discus toss.

In the Discus event, Francisco Perez (Paco) threw 79’7″ and Andrew Q. threw and impressive 95’11″ which was the farthest discus throw that day. In shot-put, Francisco threw 39’9″, which was the farthest shot put throw that day. In the Girls discus throws, Jessie Sagata threw 65’7″ and Paulina Sanchez threw 72’3″. For the shot puts, Maknyla threw 24’5″.

Savannah Butler again came in first in the 200 meter race, this time four seconds ahead of her competitors, with a time of 24:94, while Berenie Macinas of SV achieved a 29:03. Angel Cardenas came in first for BP, with a time of 22:91.

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