Igniting The Fire In Brave Hearts


On April 23, Baldwin Park High School will be presenting their first annual “Driving Towards a Cause” car show. This year’s cause being to support a fellow Brave battling a severe illness. The car show is intended to unite the community CARSHOWFLYERby igniting and fueling the fire within the hearts of those who show their support by attending. While the charitable cause is certainly the priority of the event, there will be no shortage of flashy cars, loud speakers, and delicious food.

There will be cars from as far back as your parents can remember to as modern as today’s youth can obsess over. Mixing carburation with fuel injection will certainly get everyone’s motors running. The event is expected to fill a large portion of the Baldwin Park High School parking lot with dozens of lean mean petrol machines. Whether one is a car connoisseur or an average Joe, this event will certainly appeal to any and all car-related desires.

What would a car show be without an array of deliciously scrumptious food choices? There will be several club-run food stands with treats ranging anywhere from a large cup of authentic boba to an All-American slice of pizza great enough to melt anyone’s socks off. However, clubs wont be the only cure to that hunger induced rampage. Word on the street is, there will likely be a barbeque featuring all American classics such as hotdogs, hamburgers, and freedom accompanied by a bake sale of “high-octane” baked goods.

Now, you can’t indulge on all those wonderful choices without having great entertainment. DJ Aaron will be spinning tracks, slinging tunes, and jamming jams all day long as attendees come and go. Without a doubt, the entertainment will only add to the great atmosphere of the event and provide all visitors with plenty of enjoyable tunes.

The “Driving Towards a Cause” event will be a memorable event that individuals of all ages will certainly be able to enjoy. With a plethora of food choices, a fascinating range of car types, and stimulating entertainment, the support for one of Baldwin Park High School’s fellow Braves will shine through.

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